Fishing dinghies and canoes

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Fishing dinghy Bass fishing dinghy Fishing canoes

Bass fishing dinghies and canoes

WE manufacture the following

Bass junior fishing dinghy.

Junior bass fishing dinghy is great for a one man opperation. Light weight and fits almost onto anything. Electric motors and up to a 4hp outboard motor. Can also row it.

Price R 3 850


Bass fishing dinghy boat

Bass fishing dinghy can take up to 4 people and a 10 hp outboard motor

Can be used as a tender to yachts

Price  R 6 500


Fishing canoe

Small single fishing canoe or for two kids

Price  R 1995

Explorer touring canoes

Three seater Explorer touring canoe

Price  R 4 995

Two seater explorer touring canoe

Can fit small outboard motor or an electric motor

Price  R 4 995

Two seater explorer touring canoe

Can seat two people with a water proof compartment

Price R 5 500

Double explorer canoe catamaran with sails and platform

Price R19 900



Explorer touring canoe Fishing explorer canoes Fishing canoes New generation yachting
Explorer touring canoe Fishing canoes
explorer touring canoes Fishing canoes
explorer touring canoes Fishing canoes Bass fishing canoes

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28.07 | 07:37

good day yes i do have chefs for 4 yrs and race drivers for 6 yrs for hire
R150.00 each for the hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

28.07 | 07:19

Do you have a chef out fit with chef hat for 4 year old and a racing car driver outfit for 6 year old?

23.07 | 13:25

good day
yes we do have dinosaurs for hire for 3yrs, R150..00 with R300.00 refundable deposit,

23.07 | 12:59

Good day. Looking for a dinosaur costume for 3 year old and price please?

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